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Club International GT in carbon fiber shares many of its versatile features with the smaller Club Series. Its size satisfies FIA specifications for GT3 and Sports Cars (prototypes).

It has proven a popular choice for production sedan racers who like the larger mirror size and the fact the CIS GT weighs only ounces compared to a standard OEM production mirror weighing several pounds.

CIS GT features a convex (40-inch radius) mirror offering excellent visibility at a glance through 104 sq-cm of total viewing area.


Stem choice varies greatly from the standard 6.5in angled alloy stem to custom length straight stems - 4.5in, 6.5in and 8.0in.

For the very serious racers, we also offer a trick carbon fiber aero stem for the CIS GT.

You can also choose your Mounts. The standard Club Mount is drilled on a 1.5in center so too the optional Aero Mount. No cost if you want to swap - just let us know when you order.

Extended Mount is drilled on 2.5in center. and often better suits the large CIS GT design.